Graduating Requirements

Northside Charter High School's public charter is authorized by the New York State Education Department (NYSED)

At Northside, students are encouraged and supported by teachers and staff in going beyond what they must do to what they should do and then aspire to do. Set out below are the graduation requirements at Northside. Under the “must do” column are the minimum requirements for a student to earn a Regents Diploma. However, Northside offers opportunities for students to earn fifty-two (52) credits over four (4) years and what students “should do” is earn credit in all of their courses — including taking four (4) years of math, four (4) years of science, and three consecutive (3) years of a foreign language (among other recommendations). Finally, Northside increasingly offers more Advanced Placement (AP) and early college courses which students should “aspire to do” as part of their college-bound journey.